Peace Is The Power Within You


When you listen with an open heart, feelings of separation, disconnection and loneliness dissolve. The Art of Listening is a path of truth and connectedness. It is a practice that benefits both the speaker and the listener: it helps the speaker to release frozen emotions and supports the listener in staying centered, calm and compassionate in the face of challenging situations. It is a bridge builder from heart to heart, it re-connects with the peace within and builds peace around you.


When compassion meets suffering it turns into love. Having compassion for yourself or for another is building the bridge to a heart connection. Compassion brings a deeper awareness about the emotional reasons and values behind a behavior and hence it leads to greater understanding and peace. We are all born with the ability of compassion though we might have lost the ability for this emotional communication because of our culture’s focus on the development of the intellect. Compassion for one self and other create real change in our own lives, community, and the world.


Release and awaken yourself from false identification and self-imposed limitations. Inquire who you are. This program is for you, if you are seeking inner freedom, ready to release old beliefs and habits that diminish your power and keep you from being your true Self. You will experience the transformational energy of being fully in the moment and the feeling, that there is nothing to worry about as you realize your true nature.


How to cultivate peace in your relationships and peace with yourself? Through exercises, sharing, and experiential group processes you will learn about the cornerstones for peace in your relations: in your communication, creativity, spirituality, and being an ambassador for peace in the world.


To reconcile is re-uniting, re-union, bringing together, returning to greater harmony after a conflict. Brian and Lisa met in 2002 in a Jewish-German Reconciliation Project to help heal one of the biggest wounds of human history: the wounds of WWII and the holocaust. Our understanding is that all parties of a conflict are wounded. “An enemy is someone, whose story we haven’t heard” (Gene Knudsen Hoffman). You will explore the heart-opening power of non-judgmental, open, compassionate listening, connecting from one human to the other beyond all diversities as in race, culture, or religion.


Peace is the power within you. Imagine what the power of inner peace would feel like in your life? Imagine to be in your inner peace despite outer circumstances. Image to experience the stillness of your mind. This program is to explore and inquire your essence, your true self. It is a transformative self-awareness exploration. With guided meditations, inquiry and experiential exercises you will experience some fundamental simple steps towards your innate peace.