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Your Body Reveals, Awaken To Your Truth: Thirty years of being a holistic healer has taught me that physical symptoms, illness, and disease can be our greatest teacher if we know how to listen and understand the deep Soul messages coming through our body. My core message in the book is that they are a call to realign us with our true nature and wholeness. By examining our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and using the language of the body to learn the inherent message from our Soul, we can awaken and be our true Self. Combined with exercises, meditations, the 7 Steps to Wholeness, a compendium of what each organ/body-system represents, foundational knowledge in nutrition, as well as living with the natural cycles of the seasons, this book is a hands-on tool for taking positive, self-empowered action.

Seeing my clients heal and grow by accessing their body’s wisdom has inspired me to share my understanding and healing approach. The book is a simple yet profound guide for regaining and maintaining health and inner peace. Anyone, no matter what their situation, can use what I’ve written to gain more self-confidence and mastery over their life challenges. This book is designed to assist the reader in shifting from a focus on fear of disease to self-empowered actions. It shows how physical symptoms, illness, and disease are a “wake-up” call from your Soul. The Soul is seen as the “body whisperer” and the symptoms as the messenger. Using my Soul-based integrative approach, the reader is invited to engage in an enriching process of self-discovery that aids healing.

It is extremely relevant and timely in today’s fast paced fix-me health culture as:

– it shows an expanded view on the deeper causes of disease than the “fix my symptoms” mentality.
– it helps to shift from fear of disease to a self-empowered healing action.
– supports preventative care.
– reduces the sky rocketing explosion of health care costs.

The book is available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. To read more about the book go to Lisa’s separate website

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Brian Berman – Art For Peace – sculptures – is a photographic book exhibition of sculptures ceated by Brian Berman from 2002 till 2014. Berman’s focus is Art for Peace – with seven themes relating to inner and outer peace. His sculptures are hand crafted using the mediums of stone, cast glass, and metals and now including 3D metal printing. This 134 page book contains commentary by the author as well as 200+ color photographs of 130 sculptures.

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Lisa & Brian in Janet Conner’s Book 

Writing Down Your Soul is a great book for those who want to journal and do deep listening within. Janet Conner interviewed us for some sections and acknowledges the inspiration she received in a series of conversations/interviews with us. She refers to our work and from our experiences with compassionate listening and Jewish German Reconciliation, pgs. 99-254. Janet writes in her book’s Acknowledgments: “I was in my first of several profound conversations with Brian and Lisa Berman, who carried the heart of this book to a whole new place.”

Check the book out, available at, it’s a useful guide, we highly recommend.

For some excerpts from what we shared with Janet, click here to read.

Compassionate Listening

Brian and Lisa met in a Jewish German Reconciliation program with The Compassionate Listening Project in 2002. They married one year later continuing peace and reconciliation programs around trauma and cultural wounds. This peace work is life changing for all those involved.