Peace Is The Power Within You

Join and Awaken

Imagine what awakening inner peace would feel like? Our programs and events are experiential and cultivate peace and compassionate action.

Learn peace building skills and practices that can transform your daily life. Strengthen the healing power of empathy, compassion, listening and speaking from the heart.

We are moving to Poland end of October 2022, to work with the One Humanity Institute and we won’t be offering any new programs until settled in. You are welcome to contact us through our contact page. Thanks for your interest. 


Programs Promoting Peace

Awakening Peace programs embrace the healing power of inner peace. You will learn peace building skills and practices beginning with compassion for your self and expanding compassion for others. Guided meditations support you awakening inner peace and freedom. New refreshing skills will aid you in releasing habitual patterns and old wounds. As you awaken the power of peace within, you will bring forth greater freedom and peace even in challenging situations. Contact us to discuss your interest. 

Art of Listening

When you listen with an open heart, feelings of separation, disconnection and loneliness dissolve…

Cultivating Compassion

When compassion meets suffering it turns into love. Having compassion for yourself or for another is….

From Person to Presence

Release and awaken yourself from false identification and self-imposed limitations. Inquire who you are…

Peace in Relationships

How to cultivate peace in your relationships and peace with yourself? You will learn….

Path of Reconciliation

To reconcile is re-uniting, re-union, bringing together, returning to greater harmony after a conflict…

Awakening Peace

Peace is the power within you. Imagine what the power of inner peace would feel like in your life?….

The universe has

shaken you


awaken you.

About Us

Imagine what the power of Inner Peace would feel like in your life? What would you like to change? How can we assist you? 

We invite you to awaken the peace within you. Our programs support you transforming fear, conflict, physical, emotional, and mental challenges into opportunities for growth. Our passion is connecting you with your natural state of inner peace through skills building for Awakening Peace and Compassionate Healing.

Lisa & Brian Berman, Founders