Awakening Peace

Peace is the Power Within You

Programs Promoting Peace

Skills for cultivating inner peace and compassionate action in your life.

We are dedicated to unlock this possibility inside every individual.

We, Lisa and Brian Berman invite you to awaken peace within. Our services support you shifting fear, conflict, physical, emotional, and mental challenges into opportunities for growth. Our passion is connecting you with your natural state of inner peace through skill building for Awakening Peace and Compassionate Healing.

Imagine what the power of Inner Peace would feel like in your life? What would you like to change? How can we assist you? 

We counsel, mentor, and facilitate retreats, workshops, and trainings in support of inner and outer peace.

Awakening Peace has been granted tax exempt non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) educational charity. Awakening Peace is the Fiscal Sponsor for Ojai International City of Peace. Our work has been primarily self-funded. This new status allows you, friends and supporters to make a charitable gift in support of our peace work. We are thrilled to reach this milestone in our work.

Awakening Peace Programs

  • Art of Listening
  • Peace from the Inside Out
  • Compassion4U
  • From Person to Presence - Just B
  • Awakening Peace
  • Peace in Relationships
  • Path of Reconciliation

Our Awakening Peace programs embrace the healing power of deep and empathic listening, beginning with compassion for oneself and expanding compassion for others. Our guided meditations support awakening inner peace and freedom. New refreshing skills will aid you in releasing old wounds, bringing forth compassionate action even in challenging situations. You will learn peace building skills and practices that you can implement into your daily life leading you to greater freedom and peace. Contact us to discuss your interest.