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Lisa’s New Book:

      108 WAYS          ENLIGHTEN YOUR DAY

108 WAYS – Enlighten Your Day is an enlightening guide for daily use. The photos and quotes can take you directly into mindfulness, inner peace, reconnection, and self inquiry. Enjoy exploring the book with its images and messages. Or choose a page as an inspirational guide to reflect upon for your day. You may also wish to approach the book with a question or an issue and open intuitively to a page to unlock its wisdom. Reconnect with the natural world and your true sense of Self with these 108 WAYS. May they elevate your awareness, deepen your understanding and connect you with your inner truth.

For a free preview click here. You can also order the book directly from Lisa for $35 + $5 shipment. Send a check with your address to Lisa Berman, PO Box 1673, 93024 Ojai

Brian’s New Book:

Break Free From Your Monkey Mind 5 Steps to Inner Peace

Haven’t you been longing for ending the constant mind chatter and experience peace of mind. I will share with you these simple 5 Steps and the benefits of breaking free from your monkey mind. These steps will connect you with inner peace. If you’re troubled with constant mental chatter about your personal life or by the state of the world, these 5 Steps will greatly help you. If you feel powerless or hopeless, they will guide you to reconnect with the power of your peaceful presence within.

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Lisa’s Book: 

Your Body Reveals, Awaken To Your Truth

The book is available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. To read more about the book go to Lisa’s separate website

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Brian’s Book:

Art For Peace – Sculptures

Brian Berman – Art For Peace – sculptures – is a photographic book exhibition of sculptures ceated by Brian Berman from 2002 till 2018. Berman’s focus is Art for Peace – with seven themes relating to inner and outer peace. His sculptures are hand crafted using the mediums of stone, cast glass, and metals and now including 3D metal printing. This 134 page book contains commentary by the author as well as 200+ color photographs of 130 sculptures.

Brian’s Blog:

Other Books:

Lisa & Brian in Janet Conner’s Book

Writing Down Your Soul is a great book for those who want to journal and do deep listening within. Janet Conner interviewed us for some sections and acknowledges the inspiration she received in a series of conversations/interviews with us. She refers to our work and from our experiences with compassionate listening and Jewish German Reconciliation, pgs. 99-254. Janet writes in her book’s Acknowledgments: “I was in my first of several profound conversations with Brian and Lisa Berman, who carried the heart of this book to a whole new place.”

For some excerpts from what we shared with Janet, click here to read.

How They Met:

Compassionate Listening

Brian and Lisa met in a Jewish German Reconciliation program with The Compassionate Listening Project in 2002. They married one year later continuing peace and reconciliation programs around trauma and cultural wounds. This peace work is life changing for all those involved.