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Peace Is The Power Within You

Public Speaking

Brian and Lisa are inspirational peace builders and presenters. If you are having an event and would like to have us at your conference or gathering, let us know.

“Lisa and Brian helped us embrace conflict as an invitation to explore meaning and to deepen true connection with our students and colleagues. They gave us tools to find compassion and peace within ourselves, then with our community. Lisa and Brian worked with us to help us suspend our judgments as we listen. They also helped us listen without composing what we are going to say next.”    Tara Gray • New Mexico State University Teaching Academy Director


Ray Matsumiya, President of the Rotary WE Club of International Peace invited Lisa and Brian Berman to speak to their Rotary Club over Zoom about our Awakening Peace work, our Compassionate Listening work, and how we created Ojai, CA an International City of Peace.

This is Brian Berman’s talk and presentation for 2021 World Unity Week, hosted by Unity Earth. Berman was honored to present his patch to become a peace builder and mentor for others to become initiators of Cities of Peace. If you are interested in contact, please email Brian at [email protected]

September 20th, Lisa and Brian Berman hosted a live online showing of our 6th annual Ojai International Peace Day Celebration on its Facebook group page. This is the complete presentation with inspiring speakers, prayers & blessings, awards, and performances. We recorded interviews with notables: • Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash Elder – Blessing and Prayer • Fred Arment, International City of Peace Founder/Director – Golden Rule, Empathy, and Compassionate Action  • Dr. Hans Guenn, Integrative Health – Stop the War Within  • Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President Rotary Eclub of World Peace – 4 Steps to Peace  • Dr. Robert Dodge, LA President of Physicians for Social Responsibility – Nuclear Free-Zone Cities, ICAN-Back from the Brink movement  • Arthur Kanegis, “The World is My Country” film maker and Podcast host, • Mike Weaver, Rotary Peace Builder Chair District #5240 – “Positive Peace” • Kathy Nolan, President Ojai Green Coalition – Peace Building in the community, • Kristin Jensen Dodge, 8th Grade English Language Arts – Teaching in times of COVID-19 • Ray Powers, Ojai Green Coalition – Building a sustainable resilient peace community  • Evan Austin, Ojai Peace Coalition – Noble Peace Prize 2020, Lanny Kaufer, recipient  • Fatah Evans (Spoken words) with Ray Powers (flute)  • Lucy Dickinson (piano with beautiful images for inner peace)  • Beautiful Chorus (2015 Ojai Day of Peace Celebration) Enjoy and if you’d like to donate a $1 or more, please go to our AwakeningPeace.org website where you can make a tax deductible donation. Awakening Peace is the fiscal sponsor for Ojai International City of Peace.

Brian Berman co-founder of Ojai International City of Peace shares how the United Nations Day of Peace came about in 1981 and twenty years later September 21st was designated as the day of ceasefire in all wars. Peace Day has turned into Peace Week in many cities as the International Cities of Peace now total 349 around the world, and greater efforts are being made to build cultures of peace https://www.bermansculpture.com https://ojaipeace.net https://holosamulets.com/

Personal Mentoring

Lisa and Brian have together over 90 years of peace building work. From the early 70’s both of us studies meditation and yoga practices for cultivating inner peace. Through our adult lives we have created and attended trainings to build greater peace in our communities. If you are looking for a coach or mentor, please contact us.