Awakening Peace Award Winners

Our second Awakening Peace Award winner was selected in 2019 and the winner is Dr. Robert Dodge.

We honor Dr. Dodge with this Awakening Peace Award for his ongoing commitment to peace and the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Dr. Dodge is a family practice physician in Ventura, California with more than 30 years. He is the President of Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles and co-founder of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions. He is the Co-Chair of the Security Committee of Physicians for Social Responsibility – USA and Co-Chair of the Nuclear Weapons Abolition Committee. He has written and spoken widely on the subject off nuclear disarmament.

Dr. Dodge played an active role in the successful passage of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and helped organize the US Back from the Brink campaign, which endorses the UN Treaty and calls for specific steps to lower the risk of nuclear war. Dr. Dodge in April 2018, led the effort to convince the city of Ojai, California to adopt a resolution supporting the Back from the Brink campaign and committing the city to nuclear weapon free contracts and investments.

From Fred Arment-Founder director of International Cities of Peace and the first recipient of the Awakening Peace Award:

“Dr. Robert Dodge is an inspiring choice for the Awakening Peace Award, and so very timely with the collapse of nuclear treaties and the rise of a new arms race. Each and every year military expenditures are $1.6 trillion and the global arms trade reaches $100 billion. Funding for the nuclear weapons industry, including space weaponry, is cloaked in secrecy but is surely expanding without full knowledge of citizens across the globe. Dr. Dodge is a profound peacemaker who links a compassionate understanding of how dangerous the existential thread of nuclear arms is to all living things on Earth with a practical approach of revealing to humanity the extent of the threat in dollars and sense.”

It is with a great honor to present this award to Dr. Bob Dodge. Watch this video presenting the Awakening Peace Award.

Our first Awakening Peace Award winner was selected in 2018 and the winner was Fred Arment*, Executive Director of International Cities of Peace.

This Awakening Peace Award is a 3D metal printed sculpture which symbolizes our unity as One Humanity. It is recognized globally as a 3 dimensional peace symbol.

“I am very appreciative and honored to receive the Awakening Peace Award. I accept it as representative for all the leaders of International Cities of Peace and dedicate it to our mutual vision to bring peace to the world, community by community. The HOLOS design symbolizes the circular, reciprocal, and organic heart and soul of peace. I am humbled to receive the award not only because it renews my hope but also in imagining future Awakening Peace Award recipients who will do extraordinary work in bending even further the arc of history toward holistic and sustainable peace.” J. Fred Arment

The Awakening Peace Award sponsored by Awakening Peace Inc. is awarded once a year on International Day of Peace September 21st. The prize is awarded to a person or organization who in the preceding years has done great work creating unity and peace within their community, state, nation, and/or world. This peace prize winner will be acknowledged for sustainable programs that shift separation and fear to Unity and Love.

Selection: The selection committee will be comprised of the Awakening Peace Inc board of directors and all Awakening Peace Award winners.

Deadline for submission: September 14th midnight Pacific Time annually.

Award Announcement: International Day of Peace, September 21st annually.

A nomination for the Awakening Peace Award may be submitted by any person. A nomination for yourself will not be taken into consideration.