Our first Awakening Peace award winner was selected in 2018 and the winner was Fred Arment*, Executive Director of International Cities of Peace.

If you would like to submit a nomination for the Awakening Peace Award, please fill out the application by September 14th of each year. Go to: https://awakeningpeace.org/peace-prize/

This Awakening Peace Award is a 3D metal printed sculpture which symbolizes our unity as One Humanity. It is recognized globally as a 3 dimensional peace symbol.


“I am very appreciative and honored to receive the Awakening Peace Award. I accept it as representative for all the leaders of International Cities of Peace and dedicate it to our mutual vision to bring peace to the world, community by community. The HOLOS design symbolizes the circular, reciprocal, and organic heart and soul of peace. I am humbled to receive the award not only because it renews my hope but also in imagining future Awakening Peace Award recipients who will do extraordinary work in bending even further the arc of history toward holistic and sustainable peace.” J. Fred Arment

The Awakening Peace Award is sponsored by Awakening Peace Inc. Once a year, on International Day of Peace September 21st the prize is awarded to a person or organization who in the preceding years has done great work creating unity and peace within their community, state, nation, and/or world. This peace prize winner will be acknowledged for conflict reduction and building sustainable program/s that shift separation and fear to Unity and Love.

Selection: The selection committee will be comprised of the board of directors of Awakening Peace Inc, and all HOLOS Peace Prize winners.

Deadline for submission: September 14th midnight Pacific Time annually

Award Announcement: International Day of Peace, September 21st annually

A nomination for the Awakening Peace Award may be submitted by any person. A nomination for yourself will not be taken into consideration.