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About Lisa

Lisa Berman is a passionate and inspirational holistic health counselor and workshop facilitator. Her emphasis is on psychosomatic counseling, transformative life-coaching and “spiritual midwifery.” Her professional experience spans 20 years in Berlin, Germany and 15 in the United States. She is an adjunct professor at Bastyr University, Seattle and San Diego, a school of Naturopathic medicine.

Do you struggle with physical challenges or emotional imbalances such as depression, anxieties, stress, traumas? Lisa’s private practice by Skype, in person, or residential retreats might be the perfect healing approach for you. 

Lisa’s empirical work is based on the understanding that disease, illness, and emotional imbalances are a guide to realign your body-mind-spirit harmony. Her healing approach is simple yet profoundly transformational. Her website link is below for easy contact and a free consultation call to see if working together is right for you. Her 30+ years in private practice and teaching is what she brings to you.

In 1984, Lisa started her private practice as a Naturopath in Berlin, Germany. Since then, she has shared her passions as a healer, teacher and workshop facilitator of Holistic Health, Bach-Flower Therapy, Homeopathy and Psychosomatic Medicine. In 2003 she married Brian and moved to the USA, where she continues her private practice, teachings, and workshops.

She is the author of the books: 

Her interest in inner and outer peace let her to study Eastern and Western Philosophy, Psychology, and Peace Sciences. She is certified in Systemic Mediation and a Compassionate Listening facilitator. She co-facilitated Jewish-German reconciliation projects and offers workshops focusing on inner and outer peace with Brian.


About Brian

Brian Berman is an award winning professional sculptor, workshop facilitator, and activist for peace. If you are reading this, you likely have shed some behaviors that have helped you become a better person. Brian recognized early on that no matter what he did to make his life a better one, he was lacking inner peace. He discovered after a series of losses that stone carving was a metaphor for life, and by trusting that these losses would lead to something greater. Sculpting helped him heal from those losses and that healing brought him greater peace. Back during the Vietnam war, his peace activism was fruitless, so he turned inward to find peace within. He became a yoga and meditation teacher in 1970, and has taught meditation and been an inner peace activist ever since.

After 9/11, Brian wanted to deepen his listening skills, so he became a certified Compassionate Listening facilitator, led listening groups for 8 years, co-facilitated the Jewish-German Reconciliation Project from 2002-2005. In 2007 with Lisa, they facilitated Compassionate Journey, a healing and reconciliation program in Berlin, Germany. 

His deep listening skills helped him receive an inspirational unitive vision in 2012. He created a sculptural design that symbolizes Love, Peace, Unity, and the creative power of our thoughts. He named this design HOLOS, which in the Ancient Greek language means whole and complete, safe and sound. HOLOS supports our connection with our True Nature, the seat of peace. His life purpose is to inspire and uplift, as he mentors change makers and peace builders all over the world.

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